Neighborhood: Fremont
Address: 3520 Fremont Ave N (map)
Phone: 206-632-3430
Web: www.chisoseattle.com
Parking: Street

Overall Rating: 9.5 / 10pts

Chiso is a stylish, modern restaurant with a relaxing environment. It’s slightly more upscale than many of the neighboring bars and restaurants in Fremont, and is a great place to go for a relaxing meal or late-night snack. For the ultimate experience, sit at the sushi counter and strike up a conversation with the friendly owner, Taichi, while enjoying the fresh fish of the day. If you come with a group, there are tables that can accommodate larger groups, but reservations are recommended for groups, especially on weekends.

Chiso’s owner, Taichi, personally selects and tastes each fish, so he knows what is fresh each day. There are usually several fresh fish selections that are not on the menu, so be sure to ask what is fresh and what is available. The sockeye salmon and oysters are particularly good when they are fresh.

In addition to great sushi, Chiso also offers an array of traditional Japanese side dishes. The agedashi tofu (fried tofu in a Japanese soup stock), yakitori (skewered chicken), and kasuzuki (cod that has been soaked in sake and then grilled) are especially good at Chiso. Hamachi kama (grilled yellowtail cheeks) is another delicious dish, but due to it’s popularity, they often run out. Their meat dishes are less consistent than their fish dishes, but are usually tasty as well. If you are a vegetarian, Chiso offers a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from.

The staff members at Chiso are generally friendly and knowledgeable. They can recommend fresh fish of the day, and sake to go along with the fish. They are also happy to explain any of the side dishes if you have questions about them. Some of the staff speaks Japanese as well. If the restaurant is crowded and there’s a long wait for a table, give them your phone number and ask them to call you when your table is ready (so you can have a drink at on of the nearby bars while you wait for your table at Chiso).

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