[CLOSED] Saito's Japanese Cafe & Bar

Neighborhood: Belltown
Address: 2120 2nd Ave Seattle (map)
Phone: 206-728-1333
Web: www.saitos-cafe.com
Parking: Street

Overall Rating: 9.7 / 10pts

From the outside, you would never think it’s a fancy Japanese sushi restaurant. In fact it’s quite hard to spot with no bright signs and you may walk past it without even knowing it’s there. But be sure to make the effort to seek it out because the interior is quite upscale with candlelight and Japanese d├ęcor. The sushi counter is especially fancy and draws your attention.

Saito’s offers some of the freshest fish in Seattle. The sushi is expertly prepared by Mr. Saito. If you get a chance to sit at the counter you should do so because the sushi chefs are exciting to watch with their speedy and precise sushi-making techniques. Also they can offer suggestions for fresh fish of the day or unusual types of fish that aren’t on the menu and you won’t find anywhere else in Seattle. If you are not too sure which fish to order they offer two types of sushi combos (one is around $20 and the other “omakase” is around $30). Their fresh sushi and sashimi particularly go well with their wide selection of chilled sake. Both the sushi and sake are offered at a premium price, but they are worth it for special occasions or when you want to splurge.

Although most of the food they offer here is pretty good, I recommend sticking to the sushi, since this is probably the best sushi place in Seattle (so far).

If you manage to sit at the counter, the service is really quick because the sushi chefs work quickly and serve the people at the counter first. The table service is also good, and most of the wait staff speaks Japanese and can answer most questions about the menu.


Maha said...

Just a quick update to this article, Saito's has sadly closed.

Maha said...

By the way, I know you don't update this blog anymore but it was spectacularly helpful for me when I was trying to find good sushi in Seattle. Thanks for taking the time to write about all these restaurants!