Marinepolis Sushi Land [Redmond]

Neighborhood: Redmond
Address: 8910 161st Ave. NE Redmond(map)
Phone: 425-284-2587
Web: www.sushilandusa.com
Parking: Free parking space

Overall Rating: 4.7 / 10pts

After giving somewhat harsh review on Sushi Land in Queen Anne, friends and family of mine that live in the Eastside have told me that the new Sushi Land in Redmond, next to Bella Botega movie theater is much better. How could same chain restaurant taste so different? A lot of the restaurant experience is based on atmosphere, and on that level, Sushi Land Redmond does much better than the one in Queen Anne. Since it’s newer, it’s cleaner and has more modern feel to it. I wouldn’t call it as modern looking as Chiso in Fremont, but for kaiten-sushi place, it was pretty much on par with Blue-C Sushi in Fremont (but at much cheaper price).

Even though Sushi Land in Queen Anne and Redmond may be getting the same fish from the same market, a lot of the taste depends on who cuts the fish, and who makes it. On the making department, sushi here was similar to the one in Queen Anne, but I felt like they were cut better. But at the end of the day, this is still kaiten-sushi, so unless you ask the chef to make something that’s not already on the conveyer belt, fish tends to get dry.

Just like the restaurant in Queen Anne, they also served udon noodles, tempura and other fried food. When I was there, I felt like they were making lots and lots of udon (there must not be udon place nearby).

It’s the Eastside, so I felt like people were more laid back, and there were no wait staff running around. That meant, the service is a bit slower, but at least you don’t have to hear staffs running around. Overall, the place is clean and cheap, and the fish taste decent. It’s probably a good place to go for a casual lunch when you have light craving for sushi.