Neighborhood: Belltown
Address: 2207 1st Ave Seattle (map)
Phone: 206-956-9329‎
Web: www.ohanabelltown.com
Parking: Street

Overall Rating: 6.2 / 10pts

Ohana is located on 1st Avenue and Blanchard part of Belltown, next to Frontier steakhouse. As soon as you step in, you realize that their theme is Hawaiian with bamboo booths and tables with all the tropical decorations. There is a small sushi counter with Hawaiian looking guys behind the counter. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, they have a DJ spinning, and on Sunday night they have a karaoke night. On Wednesday nights, they have live Hawaiian (they call it Island) music.

Looking at their sushi menu, you realize right away that their price is much lower compared to the other sushi restaurants in Belltown. Their Chef's Choice Sushi Combo goes for $18 and comes with 8 pieces of the usual stuff and California Roll, which is served on a big plastic boat shaped plate (though some parts are chipped off as seen on the photo). As for the taste, everything is just sub par. There is a fast food sushi restaurant in Japan called Kozozushi. That would be the closest comparison. Tuna tasted very watery like it had been frozen and defrosted a couple of times, and the seaweed they use to wrap the sushi also tastes cheap. Fortunately their salmon wasn't too bad, but in Seattle, even at a low end sushi place, it's hard to get a bad tasting salmon. I should however mention that their rolls aren't too bad.

Their sushi may not be the best in Belltown, but let's remember that this is a tropical Hawaiian themed restaurant, so they are probably not that serious about sushi. They do however make up for it by having good Haiiwan food. Their Kalua Pork is a tasty blend of very moist and tender pork and veggies. And let's not forget their tropical umbrella drinks, which are quite superb.

With the exception of Friday night happy hour (5-7pm), when the place is quite busy, they have a pretty good service. The waiting staff will explain to you their unique Hawaiian dishes or the different sushi on the menu. Overall, go here for good tropical time with solid Hawaiian food and drinks, but avoid sushi if you are looking for the freshest fish in town.

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