Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 214 Madison St. Seattle (map)
Phone: 206-262-0382
Web: www.ricenroll.com
Parking: Street

Overall Rating: 2.9 / 10pts

A small take out place located in the downtown business area on Madison St, just down the hill from 3rd Ave. Lines will start forming around noon, which indicates that it's a popular spot. There are a couple of chairs inside that you can sit and dine in, but most people use those chairs to sit and wait for their take out order to come out.

As this place is a take out place for quick and cheap healthy sushi, the quality is exactly what you would expect. Most of the fish lack any flavor and you can even tell from the color that they are not in the upper class. What you get here is basically the same kind of sushi you would get at a supermarket deli section, except it's made fresh in front of you. The Korean owner has stated that she wanted to create a fast food place for sushi (instead of fancy sushi restaurant) since there were hardly any before. This concept was actually quite popular and now Rice-n-Roll have multiple stores in Seattle region, including one in Bellevue Square and even a couple of stands inside Safeco Field. It's nice that Ricenroll has given non greasy lunch meal fan a chance to choose something else other than burgers or tacos, but if I were craving cheap rolls, I'd rather go one block east and pay a couple dollars more for rolls at Rolls n Sushi. But I should point out their three unique factors. One, if you ask and pay a little extra change, they will make your rolls using brown rice. Two, you can choose what you want in your roll by selecting your choice of fish/meat and something else. And three, their fish may not be that great, but their bulgogi beef roll is worth trying.

They have a few rice bowls you can choose from such as teriyaki chicken, tonkatsu and bulgogi. If you order lunch combo, that will usually come with a side of edamame (which is a bit too crunchy for me). Sushi here isn't fancy, but bulgogi bowl and salad is worth giving a shot.

Since this place only caters to business people, they are only open on weekdays from 10 to 4pm. Try avoiding the peak noon to 12:30pm time as the line could get a little long and you may have to wait a bit for your order.

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